Business solutions

Full support services, inclueding computers and computer peripherals.


If you wish/need, we also provide installation services.
Installation service includes, software installation and setting up your company basic information
Installation can be done on-site or via internet, depending on the agreement.


If you wish/need, we also provide training services for using the Esko –  software. Training consists of going through Esko – software operations module by module. After training you will understand the structure of the program and know how to use it smoothly.

Training can be provided on-site or  via web-based.

Training, language Finnish or English.


Support services via e-mail are included while valid subscription.

Support language Finnish or English.


Esko – software annual license fee includes program updates and all new features released during valid license. Thus, you can always be sure that you have the latest available version of the software.
Esko updates are easy to download and install.

Management services

If you wish/need, we provide software management services for Esko – software.
For example Esko – software updates, are installed automatically.


  • IntallationIntallation
  • EducationEducation
  • LenghtLenght
  • CostsCosts
  • Installation 1

  • 100 eur

  • IntallationInternet
  • Education
  • Lenght
  • Costs
  • Installation 2

  • 300 eur

  • IntallationInternet
  • EducationInternet
  • Lenghtabout 2 hours
  • Costs
  • Installation 3

  • from

    400 eur

  • IntallationOn site
  • EducationOn site
  • Lenght4 - 6 hours
  • Costs0,50 eur /km

Installation 3, price list applies only to installation / trainings taking place in Finland.
Benevos reserves the right to revise prices


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