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Vehicles – program is an Esko – software add-on, and can be turned on from Esko settings – programs. Within the program you can easily see in one view the major information of a vehicle.

Vehicles – program is an awesome tool for eg. auto repair or body shops, or any other business where the vehicle information must be maintained.
Vehicles – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system, eg. add or modify an existing customer’s vehicle information.
Gathered data can be used in future for reporting, marketing, etc …

Save money with better knowledge of the vehicles you repair / process, data gathered can easily be accessed and analysed with reporting tool.
Build a database of your customers and their vehicles use this information for marketing and other customer related purposes.

Program interface

Esko Vehicles – program is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, all major vehicles information together in one clear view, no complex structures to navigate.

Features >>>

Vehicle Data

  • – License plate number
  • – VIM number
  • – Make
  • – Model
  • – Sub-model
  • – Model Code
  • – Mode year
  • – First registration date
  • – Latest inspection date
  • – Vehicle Color

Technical information

  • – Fuel
  • – Transmission
  • – Drive type


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