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Time Booking

Electronic time booking is a key tool when selling services to customers; this cleverly designed software integrates into the whole system, which enables the use of the entire system through time booking software.
Start by making an appointment, you can attach booking time to an existing customer, or you can set up a new customer, enter a description of the work, as well as information about the booking.
If the scheduled time booking changes, just drag it to new location in the calendar. You can also change the duration of the time booking simply, click top or bottom edge, drag mouse up or down to increase or decrease duration time booking duration.

Go from time booking to sales transaction conveniently with only a few clicks.

Change time booking into sales transaction conveniently with a few clicks of mouse.

Booking Calendar, schedule your absence (lunch breaks, holidays, etc.). By defining the columns with particular colors related to different causes, they are easily detected when scheduling new appointments.
The calendars shortest booking time is 5 minutes.

Follow-up work through the calendar, time stamping program updates the work status directly to time booking. The program will show you whether the task is late, ready or is the client a no show.
If you have purchased Esko – Online time booking software, and you are using it, online booking requests will update to system calendar, simultaneously, the program synchronizes Esko – time booking calendar information to online time booking calendar.

Synchronizing Esko – Online time booking software is being upgraded and tested; product is not available for new customers at this moment.

However you can purchase Esko – Online Time Booking software as stand-alone version. Contact, sales@benevos.com

Program interface

Esko Time Booking – the program has been made especially for service selling companies. In one clear view you can see everything in day, week or month calendar, no complicated structures, easy and visual to read.


  • Event can include a sequence of time bookings, booked to different days and to different service people
  • Time Booking allows so-called overbooking (customer selectable feature).
  • Customizable Calendar colors, day and week views
  • Number of system users is not limited
  • System users can be assigned to different departments


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