• Stamping – program

    Stamping – program


Stamping – program (time management), manage your company’s use of resources and time. Employee enters or uses barcodes to read real-time data in to the system adding time-stamps directly to events.

With this option you’ll have the ability to charge the work based on actual time spent working on the job. Stop guessing, and find out what’s really happening on your shop floor.
Employee’s time stamp their status to work or waiting according to what they are doing at any given time, thus forming a complete picture of the time employee’s use on different tasks, this gathered information can benefit your company in multiple ways.

  • personnel resources can be utilized more efficiently (Job Management) effective work planning can work wonders, saving time and reducing production costs
  • Knowing actual performance times, you can steer / assign staff to their ability and know-how; this can be achieved faster and more productive work lead times.
  • Pricing of services can be fine-tuned with realistic values, are you now billing half an hour for a hours service job? Or two hours for three hours service job? Time stamping helps you be more aware of the market price, don’t under / overprice your services.


Stamping – program in practice

The specified work row is transferred from time stamping to sales transaction event row, the billing price will be formed according to the actual time spent (time stamping). If work type is a fixed price, working hours will be transferred to sales transaction event, but the billing price will not be updated, price will remain fixed.
– Stamping program also updates the time booking screen, where you can monitor the status of jobs, is a job is process, late, etc..
– Data acquired from time stamping can be used for calculating the company’s efficiency figures for example, performance, utilization, waiting time, etc..
– Stamping – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system.

Features >>>

  • Option to use barcode reader
  • Job/work time stamping
  • Specifying stamping type
  • Option to edit time stamp


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