• Sales – program

    Sales – program


Sales – program makes billing easy, receipts and invoices are created quickly directly from events. Select/add the products and services sold; select method of payment, print receipt / invoice, the system will do the rest.
Define methods of payment to sales event (eg,. Cash, bank card, credit card, invoice, etc..) Payment methods are fully configurable and their number is not limited. Multiple payment methods can also be used on the same event, (eg. customer pays, partly with cash, partly with credit card and the rest goes to an invoice.) Possibilities are limitless.
Sales – program prints receipts / invoices accordance to authorities’ provisions

Program interface

Esko Sales – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system. Program is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, includes all major sale function you need for running your business, no complex structures to navigate.

Features >>>

  • Sell products, work and services
  • Sell over the sale of products (products not stored)
  • Sell subcontracting (service or work done by subcontractor)
  • Sell service work based on actual-time used (requires time stamping in use)
  • Option to add text to bill / receipt
  • Automatic order / reservation if the product is out of stock
  • Customer Sales Conditions
  • Invoice printing to PDF
  • Re-prints
  • Credit Notes
  • Work order / job ticket
  • Option to use / connect receipt printer
  • Option to use / connect cash drawer
  • Option to use barcodes, sale transaction (products, work)


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