• Reporting – program

    Reporting – program


Reporting – program gathers important business figures in to one place. Esko – programs versatile reporting tool allows you access to see what is happening in your company at any time you wish, you can get eg. day reports of open transactions, stock reports, purchase / sales reports, etc … Reporting – program gives you a wide range of options to extract information to your needs.

Operational monitoring and improving the efficiency! It is essential that your company has the correct information of the business and its profitability, when you have system generated reports available, you don’t need to guess the status of your business, you can see it conveniently with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Reports can tell you a lot of your business status, but can also save considerable amount of money in accounting. Instead of taking a shoe box of receipts to your accountant for clearing, you can print the system generated reports eg. sales reports, you can save hundreds, even thousands a year in accounting costs, (depending on the amount of transactions you have).

Program interface

Esko Reporting – program is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, software includes several report builders easy for anyone to use, no complex structures to navigate.
Reporting – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system.

Features >>>

  • Open events report
  • Daily sales report
  • Product-specific sales report
  • Stock report


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