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Products and Services

Product and service management is a key part of the company’s operations. Esko Products and Services management software, and your company has a clear picture of the products in stock at all times, effective product management is the foundation of a successful business.

Manage the products and services you sell. See the number of products in stock, there sales and purchase prices, and the average prices of the products to which the stock valuation is based on. Warehouse / price list system in use, supplier’s full price list from which products can be easily transferred to the warehouse side.

Program interface

Esko product – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system. Program is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, includes all major product / warehouse properties you need for running your business, no complex structures to navigate.


  • Vendor-specific purchase discount tables
  • Product number changes
  • Option to use barcodes
  • Option to use product groups
  • Multi-Storage option
  • Option to add specified warranty periodfor products
  • Option to add / update the supplier price lists
  • Option to use discount tables for purchase, forms a purchase price of automatically
  • Products and services can be setup differently for VAT values


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