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Esko – Software maintenance has been made easy for the client, no need for outside support to maintain the program. After purchasing Esko – software all you need to do is install the software, and add your company’s basic information to the system. (You can also order our installation package as an additional service, ask more

After adding company basic data, customer must go through the program options, and make the necessary configurations according to their needs. It is important that the person setting up the software has a basic operational understanding of business management.

After setting basic information, the program is ready to use and the customer can begin to add any other necessary information, eg. suppliers, products, services, hourly rates (job management program) etc…
The program also includes a database backup tool; backup is done manually by the customer whenever necessary.
Software updates can be uploaded via internet; all updates are included in the annual license fee. Updates are done manually by the customer own action.
The program includes illustrated instructions on how the program is used. In case of troubleshooting please contact via email
If the customer wants or feels the need to purchase additional services (training), please contact and we’ll get you on you started in no time.

Why should I choose Esko – Software?

When a business management system is purchased, the purpose is to support the business, not the other way around. Many of systems are low-cost at first, but in reality they are filled with hidden costs which occur only after the purchase has been finalized, you might find yourself having to by options or reports that should have been include in the primary program.
Have you already paid a small fortune for the startup at this stage you feel it is too late to cancel.

At worst, the project can become an eternity project that eats money and resources faster than the company has time to make more…

Stop, it’s never too late to cut your losses !

It’s no secret, an expensive ERP investment gone bad can cripple your business, it has happened to small and large companies.

Benevos Ltd wants to guarantee you a successful software project at a reasonable price, and we believe that you will be satisfied with our Esko – Software solution.

We are so confident that you will like Esko – software that we give you the opportunity to try it for free for 30 day period no string attached.

We welcome you to become an Esko – Software user!


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