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Job Management

Job Management – allows you to create an unlimited number of working codes, to each working code you can add an unlimited number of personalized work rows according to your needs. Work codes make it easier to plan your jobs and resources, and make your company’s sales transaction processing much more fluent.

Stay Competitive

Job Management – software, keep you’re pricing in line. Specify the hour / service rates, fine-tune prices if necessary or based on experience.

Stay Aware

Are you working on “gut” feeling? Esko Job Management – program reveals the actual cost of labor, print the barcodes that include the information of the work code, the barcodes can be read by Esko Stamping – program, monitor the time duration it takes to actually do the job from beginning to end. For more information see Esko Stamping – the program!

The program interface

Job Management make it easy to Add, modify, and disabling any work codes, changes happen instantly without any outside help (consults). Adding a new working code is a breeze, you fill in a few fields and save, next add a new job row and that’s all, you’re ready to go !
Job Management – program is fully integrated with Esko – software and works seamlessly through the whole system.

Features >>>

  • Individual working codes
  • Work types hour / solid price
  • Working code individual sales taxes.
  • Print the work codes to barcodes
  • Extensive search features
  • Work row includes, class, charging time, spent time and hourly rate


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